What is Deep Learning Ltd?

Deep Learning Ltd started in July 2019 aimed to provide professional services and consulting for building engaging consumer apps and products. We provide full lifecycle consumer software design.


What do we do?

We are experts in building customer acquisition and activation channels, and drive engagement through user experience design. We have a collective experience of more than 10 years of building some of the more engaging and successful applications for productivity, e-commerce, and social domains. Our development and product management expertise comes from years of working with multiple clients and tier-1 companies.


What makes us different?

WWW build iOS and Android applications with different early stage and stealth mode start-ups in machine learning, user experience optimization, and e-commerce domains.
Our strength lies in developing an efficient app strategy and architectural planning for the product. Our team has a right mix-up of talented professionals with in-depth knowledge of UI experience, Navigation, Cloud services, backend system, and post-deployment support.


Our culture

We are passionate about technology and foster innovative ideas to improve and deliver technology products. We value team members with skills and knack to deliver efficient solutions while working in a collaborative environment.
Writing Machine Learning algorithm, finding insightful information from tons of data and creating exciting user experience apps are few key factors which act as a driving force for us.
Our clients are early-stage startups and our primary goal is to help them develop high-end mobile apps by providing our expertise in the technical domain and cloud environment.
At Deep Learning Ltd we have a friendly atmosphere and follow ‘agile’ process for projects to ‘sprint’ toward success. Our work environment promotes open discussion which brings out new ideas to integrate into projects in each phase.


Celebrations and employee rewards

At Deep Learning Ltd you will see work and success celebrated in a charming and thrilling manner. We have monthly parties, weekend trips, brainstorming sessions, and birthday celebrations.
Employees are rewarded with gift vouchers, couple tickets of events, etc. Our high performing team member gets certificates, team recognition, and special quarterly bonus.