Early stage start-ups and mid-size businesses in the tech industry are leveraging the advent of Smartphone and tablets. For a start-up with the user base of 1000 users’, promoting new products and offers through a mobile app is the fastest way to reach their customers.

In the competitive market of the mobile industry, it is important to provide the latest features in your app along with engaging user experience look.

Do you get puzzled between the selection of platform for mobile app testing and issues with app porting? Your technical team is proficient to develop the app in-house… but they need professional consulting for compliance with testing, marketing strategy, app porting, and implement machine learning to automate tests. Or maybe you want to outsource the development altogether.

At Deep Learning Ltd we have experienced professionals to build engaging consumer apps and products. We provide the full lifecycle consumer software design.

What makes us your priority partner for development?

At Deep Learning Ltd, we begin by analyzing the competitors’, the category of app, target user, and architecture planning for app deployment. At an initial stage, we find the most cost-effective approach to create Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Our team member has the technical know-how to suggest selection between development platforms based on agreed app strategy.

Forget worrying about concern in mobile app success – Whether opt for SaaS, PaaS or IaaS for deployment? How scaling issues and future enhancement will work out?

Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of cloud platform and your organization will face no hurdles in maintaining uptime requirement, optimal database selection, and resolve network connection issues.


Our design team deliversan awesome UI for end-user

We have a talented UX/UI team member to create state-of-the-art UX designs and develop captivating UI elements to run smoothly on all mobile devices.

We have worked with multiple clients and Tier-1 companies in the past few years and have developed highly successful applications in productivity, e-commerce, and social media domains.

Companies have trusted us to develop attractive interface software and apps. We develop apps through rapid prototyping and they go under rigorous testing phase, ready for in-house purpose as well as to launch in the mobile apps market.


Android and iOS applications for early stage start-up

Early stage start-ups have a lot of activities to deal with on a daily basis, as each team member gets involved in various development scenarios. Choosing between Android or iOS development platform paves the way for further architecture planning.

At Deep Learning Ltd, we focus on major operational data points and product manager guides for the selection of the best data analytics tool.

Stealth mode start-ups in machine learning and user optimization domain get better insight into business because of an efficient reporting platform.

We help them to develop and customize their product with new machine learning algorithm. This helps them to show relevant product feature to existing customers or to create recommendations and search feature for better user experience.


Delivering ROI efficient solutions

Our software product development life cycle does not end with developing an awesome mobile app launch in the market. We provide support after deployment to make sure the app is compliant with the latest regulatory policies and other updates as needed.

You can rely on us to create the exciting and interesting marketing strategies to push your product on various social media platforms. An efficient marketing technique increases the number of consumers of the mobile app.

For scaling to the new user base, we provide essential monitoring services to maintain the app optimal environment. And make new features in the app – ‘wow’ your customers.