UX/UI design phase is as important as development stage. Attractive and engaging mobile apps are designed by professional designers at Deep Learning Ltd. An UX design is blueprint for UI creation of customized wireframes or mockups.


i. Wireframes

  • Wireframes are a digital upgrade of the classic pen and paper design technique.
  • Wireframe tools create a layout in a short span of time and move the ‘great app idea’ into ‘visually appealing prototype’ layout.
  • Our design team uses Adobe Xd and Sketch designing software to create wireframe and intuitive mockups; a client can preview mockups on desktop or mobile.


ii. High/Low fidelity prototype

  • Low fidelity prototypes are traditional hand-drawn sketches. And to some extent use wireframe tools to create printouts
  • This prototype communicates the idea on to the paper with the limited function; saves time and money before moving to the development stage.
  • High fidelity prototypes include major functionalities and features and are more interactive than wireframes.
  • Adobe Xdand Sketch designing software are the latest wireframe tools favourite amongst UX/UI developer around the world.
  • Our UX design team delivers an interactive prototype of the app with accurate details which simulate the real system.


iii. UX Analysis
UX Analysis is the initial analysis of product features and how the user will access and use these features.
It is important to get a clear idea about interactivity details with the user to move on to the development stage. UX design stage focuses to simulate the real system and create a blueprint for current development and future enhancement:

  • The client interaction in the design stage helps to understand process flow consistency and complexity.
  • Achieve user-friendly designs by understanding process flows and end-user digital environment.


iv. UI Design
UI design for mobile apps focuses on the final look and feel of user interface in different mobile devices. UI Design makes sure that every page or every step that a user will experience with the mobile app conforms to the UX design and app strategy discussed and approved by the client. Here, our design team considers various devices in the digital environment of end-user and create app prototype to maximize usability and interaction with users.
Steps followed in UI development at Deep Learning Ltd.:

  • Brainstorming session and creating beautiful sketches using Adobe Xd and Sketch for the high-end prototype.
  • Understanding the user flow diagrams and structure to create specific elements of each page/screen.
  • Finalizing the styling – Design High-fidelity mock-ups.