i. Real Time Mobile Apps
Static mobile app resides on the customer’s mobile and provides update based on user permission such as – GPS tracking, push notification, phone services or more specific actions such as click/scroll.
Real time technology is perfect for wider audience engagement. To keep the users updated of latest updates and events, real time mobile apps rely upon cost effective modern infrastructure services such as cloud computing.
Features of real time apps that have enabled various industries to adopt this technology for interactive experience with users:

1. Notification and alerts – Social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter sends instant notifications. Key point is to pass the most relevant data.

2. Instant Messaging – It is easy to see the ‘typing’ word flashing on the screen in real time on the app, as your friend is replying from the other end.

3. Social Media Streaming – To provide live event streaming and news updates, real time apps establish and maintain a network socket connection to each device. Cloud computing has allowed to maintain an open connection with low bandwidth usage.
It is simple and pleasant experience to track your taxi movement on uber app or scroll through the discount and offers on mouth-watering menu items on zomato or swiggy.

4. Multiplayer games- Gaming industry has benefited with cloud storage capabilities and increased its user base by providing better UI and creative features to multiplayer real time games such as World of Warcraft.

Our collective experience of 10 years keeps up ahead of the curve and we actively work with start-ups to develop trending real time apps. Our team’s skills to develop real time apps are:

  • Talented developers, who understand the tricky part of pooling, network socket connection and multiplexed connection.
  • Good understanding of social media to customize apps for real time updates.


ii. Real Time Location Tracking Apps
With the advent of Smartphone’s GPS feature, location tracking became simple. Real-time tracking apps provide the essential features to keep watch on kids or get in touch with a friend in a crowded place, and also allow emergency service to find and assist you in a dangerous situation.

  • A well-known technique businesses use is to list their business address on a popular geo-tracking app such as Google Maps.
  • It allows the potential customer to find them easily in search results.
  • It also allows a customer to post a comment about the business or share their experience on social media within their network of friends and family.
  • Businesses may hold a contest and reward the loyal customer. Monitor and gather customer response to server better. Provide attractive discounts & gift for attending events and promote special invitation to a new customer.

We have developed real-time location tracking apps to make successful customer acquisition and activation channels. We use machine learning techniques to improve analysis of customer behaviour and create more customized apps for better user experience.