Cloud computing is the answer to expensive datacenters and IT resources time-consuming activities to maintain these “racking and sacking” of datacenters. Companies ranging from early stage start-ups to large corporation adopted cloud services. In the simplest term, to avail and pay for cloud service is similar to paying for the use of utilities such as electricity and water.

Companies use cloud services to — Avail benefits of scalability, parallel computing, cost optimization, etc. Also for other IT related activities such as analyze data for patterns, host website and launch new apps & services.


i. Cloud Deployment
We provide cloud deployment model as required by the company for the services accessed by their customer on the mobile app or website. There are 4 deployment models.

“PaaS” model

1. We work with early stage and stealth mode start-ups. We suggest them PaaS model to get through the entire web app development lifecycle.

2. The developer can develop, test and deploy application and services through a web browser.

3. Businesses can upgrade to more resources for scaling, therefore no heavy investment needed for hardware in initial years.

Public model

1. This model is easy to implement, reasonably secured and low-cost infrastructure is optimal to provide services to end-users.

2. Government organization and business centers operate this model if the security issue is not an essential concern.

Private model

1 This infrastructure is useful when ‘security’ and ‘uptime requirements’ are the primary concern.

2. It is suitable for enterprise and businesses which needs greater control over infrastructure as compared to the public model.

Hybrid model

1 For more personalized approach and mission-critical application.

2. Hybrid cloud model combines the safety and performance of public, private and community cloud services.

3. It is suitable for businesses to manage vulnerabilities of mission-critical application and reduce costs.


ii. Cost Optimization
Cloud services have transformed the way traditional businesses operated. They are instrumental in cost optimization, especially for start-ups and mid-size businesses dealing with unforeseen infrastructure challenges.

Benefits of cloud services:

  • No need to invest huge capital to purchase hardware and create datacenter infrastructure to provide services to the user.
  • Scaling issue is immediately addressed, as any organisation can avail deployment model specifically to manage IT resources allocation as per the demand of the customer.
  • Businesses focus on the core features of app and services to provide better user experience due to saving on the cost of the server, storage, and other overheads.

We have developed real-time location tracking apps to make successful customer acquisition and activation channels. We use machine learning techniques to improve analysis of customer behaviour and create more customized apps for better user experience.


iii. Architectural Consulting
The changing digital environment of business requires an appropriate architecture solution. Our architectural consulting service involves defining an infrastructure strategy and roadmap in your hybridIT transformation journey.
Our experience of working with multiple clients and Tier-I companies provided us with the opportunity to solve unprecedented challenges faced because of various scaling requirement.

Deep Learning Ltd has talented professionals, who are well-versed with in-depth knowledge of Amazon Web Services and other cloud platforms for selection of the best deployment model to maintain operational cost with the best uptime service.

You can trust us to help you make an optimal selection to deploy your app with cloud services to your customer. Contact Deep Learning Ltd today to consult with our experts. Phone:Email: (Please fill here, when content goes live)


iv. Maintenance and support
Some Smartphone apps also provide microservices. Social media based apps and websites experience a sudden increase in web traffic. Cloud architecture provides the advantage to acquire more IT resources as per the changing needs of the business.

We offer maintenance and support services for 1-month post app launch and this can extend as per customer requirement. The key points of our maintenance and support services are:

    • We suggest S3 data storage service of Amazon Web Services for apps and websites with more static content. In the case of dynamic content, monitoring required to track the increase in traffic and allocate more resources.
    • We monitor the app performance for services accessed frequently or app usage statistics. Based on this data, we decide on whether to opt for AWS such as EC2 or Microsoft Azure’s pay per minute service or another cloud platform similar service.
    • We monitor on daily basis cloud services for solutions developed on e-commerce domain. When an alert generates for an increased volume of traffic, autoscaling service starts for the specific time and ends respectively.

Get in touch with us for all your cloud service maintenance and support needs.


v. Amazon Web Services
Start-ups and businesses expect users to increase over a period of time. They intend to introduce in subsequent phases some new features in their app and website.
AWS is the top contender in the cloud architecture market. As of April 2018, there are 142 services in 29 different categories on the AWS platform.
Some of the main features that make AWS the favourite choice among growing businesses are:

Pay-as-you-go has three model:

1. On Demand: Pay for the service you use.
2. Reserved: Reserve for 1 or 3 years.
3. Spot: Bid for extra capacity available.

Compute power

EC2 is a popular virtual server and allows users to configure their own VMs or choose pre-configured instances.


Pricing based on a monthly usage basis. So if the usage is high then a monthly bill will be going on the higher side.

Support plans

EAmazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is best for companies who need high security. VPC users can create isolated networks with subnets, route tables, network gateways, and private IP address ranges.

Integration to open source

It is friendlier to Linux servers and also runs on all other platforms.


Customers can purchase new licenses bundled with EC2.

Traffic handling

It provides Elasticity as a key feature to handle the sudden rise in services accessed by customers.


Amazon provides security in the form of screening so that only screened personnel could access the sensitive information in the cloud. They offer compliance and it includes certification in DISA, ITAR, CJIS, HIPPA and many others.


Amazon provides service for IoT and 1 service for Game development. Also, provide support for docker to automate and deploy DevOps in the shortest time.


It depends on the number of users an app has as it grows in the market. For more than 10000 users opt for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). Autoscaling start when increased volume in traffic encountered and ends afterward.

AWS is ideal for businesses aiming for effective solutions with low cost and great user experience. Get in touch with experts at Deep Learning Ltd to devise the best strategic plan for your business with Amazon Web Services.