Mid-size businesses and start-ups have found a cost-effective way through cloud-based services to reach their customer. Most businesses employ Cloud-based CRM, ERP and other management applications for operational efficiency. The data generated by these systems are either structured or unstructured.
We use data analytics tools to identify major operational data points and make sense out of a gigantic amount of data generated by businesses.
Data is the key commodity in today’s digital age, but unless you have efficient data analytics tools this raw data does not help much in creating reporting platforms that display commercially useful information.

Selection of data analytics tool depends on a number of factors:

  • Price – free or paid analytics tools.
  • Analysis type – Visual analytics, forecasting analysis, text analytics, Image analytics, and many other analysis techniques.
  • Customization needs.
  • Platform selection – cloud-based or other sources.
  • Source of data — single /multiple databases.

Data analytics tools have two categories – open source and commercial. We implement optimal data analytics tools instrumental to improve decision-making:

  • For start-ups, to gather insightful information about user behaviour and market trends, web analytics tools are a reliable accessory. Analytics tools available according to the platform used for deployment – Android or iOS.
  • Start-ups should take advantage of great analytics reports, it provides metrics such as

    o Audience Demographics
    o Traffic acquisition channels
    o Social media monitoring
    o Bounce rates for individual pages.

These parameters help to optimize content and user experience and thereby increasing the conversion rate.And data is easy to export using email, PDF or Excel.

  • For small to mid-sized businesses, we prefer different analytics tool to address the particular need of business:
  • Data Visualization helps to identify product sales, customer segmentation and other valuable insights. To view a cluster of data in a visual representation charting software developed with ML algorithm provides features to create, drag and drop charts which works efficiently on a tablet or laptop.
  • The companies with teams located at different places benefit in saving time, cost and effort with cloud-based Netlink business analytics tool which allows easy access with a web browser with any device. It contains Machine learning algorithms capable of providing text analytics and forecasting analysis.
  • To process large dataset or data from multiple sources businesses can rely on Apache Spark analytics tool which incorporate its own machine learning library. This library allows the user to implement and execute computational jobs 100 times faster than the analytics tools of Hadoop eco-system such as MapReduce.
  • Businesses with large and diverse user base need to slice and dice data for insightful information which helps senior management to make the critical business decisions. These enterprises have a big budget for analytics. SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning is a paid analytics tool with many modules to allow multiple users to analyze any amount of data and apply machine learning algorithms, deep learning and text analytics.
  • Python is a popular programming language and is suitable for small businesses as it can perform analytics. It has features to upgrade the analytics with machine learning and other apps related functions.

With advanced analytics tools, enterprises discover insights to organize processes and resources efficiently. Our experts at Deep Learning Ltd will guide you to select the perfect “value-add” analytics tool for your business.
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