Businesses are paying attention to the use of data analytics tools to derive insightful and commercially useful information. At Deep Learning Ltd we understand data analytics tools apt for varying business needs of our client. We deliver ROI efficient solutions to businesses by applying machine learning intelligence to products and processes. We identify and track major operational data points and build befitting reporting platforms.

Machine Learning is a growing field and to implement the proper solution, it is important to identify the User/Business Problems it helps to solve. Some of the major issues addressed by tactical use of Machine Learning algorithm are:

  • Problems that require pattern recognition
  • Anomaly detection or fraud detection(e.g. Google product Gmail’s ‘Spam’ Filter)
  • Prediction and Forecasting
  • Problems that require complex cognition abilities

To adopt machine learning, businesses have to make a choice between API and services of popular cloud platform provided by companies such as Amazon and Microsoft OR develop their own solution (in-house or outsource).
Our team of talented professionals guides to get over the nuisances involved in adopting either one of the approaches.

  • After the crucial stage of data cleansing, if the company has very specific business needs with less configuration, then we suggest cloud services.
  • To solve problems of categorization or summarizing and extracting information, supervised machine learning is optimal and cloud-based service performs this process fast.
  • An enterprise willing to invest in the hardware platform has a different approach to development to scale further with specific machine learning algorithms. The development team focuses on enhancing the app or website to display personalized content based on previous usage pattern data of customers. This saves a lot of time in surfing the content and in turn less IT resources used to display the most relevant features of a product to the target audience.

Other ways in which Machine Learning (ML) can help businesses are:

1. Analyse customer behaviour pattern – ML and data mining predict customer behaviour and send special offers.

2. Improvise data entry – ML improvises processes by using discovered data to eliminate duplicate data entry, thereby saving employees time.
3. Financial Analysis – Volumes of historical data on finance is correctly analysed with ML algorithms. ML algorithms actively help in the finance industry for – Algorithmic trading, fraud detection, and portfolio management.

Get in touch with us to scale your business and wow your customer with great user experience customization. We develop products and apply the machine learning algorithm to make it more engaging, more effective and more responsive.